Field Archery began in North America as a means of practising bow hunting skills in the closed season. The idea of a simulated hunt remains central to the modern sport of Field Archery.


Field Archery courses are designed to be safe and fun. A course may have from 14 to 36 or more targets. Each target is different. Distances range from five to seventy-five metres. Pegs in the ground indicate where archers must stand to shoot. Suitable distances are set for junior archers. With safety foremost in mind, course designers use the features of the terrain and vegetation to create interesting, challenging and sometimes visually deceptive shots to entertain the competitor. Direction arrows guide archers around the course.


Field archers often shoot on Sundays. Small groups of archers enjoy themselves by taking turns to shoot at each target on the course. Each archer tests and improves his or her skill by judging such variables as the distance and the angle of the shot in attempting to place an arrow as close as possible to the centre of the scoring zone. Scores are kept on cards. There are numerous types of competitions or 'rounds' with a variety of rules and scoring systems.


Almost any kind of archery equipment may be used from home-made to high-tech. Each style of equipment forms a class in which archers compete. Some of the most popular classes in the UK today are: Long Bow, Hunting Tackle, American Flat Bow, Barebow, Bow Hunter, Freestyle and Unlimited. Some archers favour a compound bow with wheels or cams that enable the bow to be held longer at full draw. Others find the current resurgence of interest in primitive archery to their taste. Some use a site for aiming. Others use only their instinct to judge the elevation of the bow.

In addition to a bow and arrows, archers also carry a quiver to hold arrows. These can be fletches-forward or fletches rear-ward (reccommended) belt quivers, or various forms of back/shoulder quiver. The fingers that contact the string are protected by a shooting 'tab' or three-fingered shooting glove. The forearm of the bow hand is covered by a 'bracer'. The other vital accessory is a pair of sturdy boots to provide a supportive foundation for each shot and get you over rough or wet ground.

Whatever your preference for equipment, shooting among the trees will add another dimension to your enjoyment of archery. It is a good idea to choose a bow that is not so encumbered with attachments that walking through vegetation becomes a challenge in itself. If you are new to archery, then before heading off to buy the kit of your choice it is advised that you seek the input of an experienced archer. Please also look at the page 'Getting Started'.

Here are some UK archery retailers to browse: . . (Scotland's own superior bow makers).

Technical Information: Here are a number of our technical bulletins geared to traditional styles to help you along the way as you get to know your equipment. Safety Rules . The Game Round . The Flemish Bow String . String Serving . Traditional Bow Tuning.

Strathardle Archers Constitution

1. Title
The Club shall be called Strathardle Archers.

2. Objects
Strathardle Archers exists to practise and promote Field Archery as a sport in which archers enjoy the challenge of shooting at inanimate objects of suitable size, placed at distances unknown to the archer, set in natural undulating woodland terrain. With safety foremost in mind, the Club shall construct Field Archery courses which retain and utilise natural features to enhance the simulated hunting experience.

3. Membership
a) Admission
Membership is open to archers willing to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club, having payed the current membership fee.
b) Expulsion
i) In the event of a gross breach of the Safety Rules, expulsion of a member shall require the unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.
ii) Expulsion of a member for reasons other than a gross breach of the Safety Rules shall require the unanimous vote of the Executive Committee and a majority vote at a General Meeting. A member who becomes the subject of expulsion for reasons other than a gross breach of the Safety Rules may address the General Meeting in person or by letter.
c) Subscriptions
Adult membership shall be available to those aged sixteen or over. Family membership shall be available. Members under the age of sixteen shall be family members and shall be accompanied on the course by an adult member who has been judged safe (see Section 6). The subscription renewal date shall be 31st December.

4. Governing Body
A General Meeting shall elect a governing body for the Club.

5. Club Business
The business of the club shall be conducted in accord with the wishes of the members as expressed at a General Meeting to be held annually. An Executive Committee shall be appointed by the General Meeting and shall consist of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. A General Meeting may appiont further Executive Committee members to serve specific needs of the Club.

6. Safety
The safety of participants and the general public shall be of prime importance and shall underly the activities of the Club. Members shall shoot under the supervision of an experienced member until judged safe. The Club shall have a comprehensive list of Safety Rules. The Safety Rules may be reviewed and updated. Safety shall be of prime importance in respect of shooting and course layout.

7. Insurance
Adequate third party liabilty and personal accident cover shall be procured for members.

8. Dissolution
Should the Club cease to exist an extraordinary meeting of members shall suitably disperse any Club assets.


1. Conduct of Members
Members must conduct themselves at all times in a safe, responsible and honourable manner toward the Club and its members. Members must refrain from bringing either the Club or the sport of Field Archery into disrepute.

Safety Rules
1. Never loose an arrow where you cannot see where it will land.
2. Never loose an arrow straight up into the air.
3. Never shoot a cracked or bent arrow.
4. Never point an arrow at a person and never shoot to the side of a person.
5. Never pretend to shoot towards a person.
6. Never stand in a shooting lane forward of an archer about to shoot.
7. Remember at all times that the bow and arrow are deadly weapons.
8. Whilst another archer is shooting be alert to potential dangers.
9. Where possible danger exists, shout 'FAST!'
10. If you have doubts of any kind don't shoot.
11. In the event of an arrow over-shooting a butt at least one adult member of a group should remain standing in front of a target whilst others search for arrows.
12. Always keep to the marked path from one target to the next shooting stand.
13. Don't just think things are safe, make sure.

Course Laying
14. Clearly mark all paths to and from shooting stands and targets. Ensure that possible paths of arrow flight will in no circumstances endanger contestants.
15. Where possible do not alow any path or another shooting stand to be visible from any other shooting stand even if it is considered out of range.
16. Targets must not be placed where a stray arrow can endanger the public.
17. Targets should never be placed on the brow of a hill where the landing of over-shoots cannot be determined.
18. When laying out a course, make sure that a safe flight path is available to tall and short, right and left handed archers using bows of all eligible types in both heavy and light draw weights.
Date of adoption: 9.12.02.

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Welcome to Strathardle Archers

As patron and fellow archer, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Strathardle Archers in Scotland. For me archery encapsulates in its purest form man's hunting instinct, where dedication, committment and discipline are paramount in the journey to success. These attributes may be carried over into our everyday lives in the constant quest for self improvement. We may no longer be required by our dependents to hunt for the table, but the sport provides us with the opportunity to hone skills for both archery and life itself, and have a great deal of fun while doing so!
Bruce Murray, Duke of Atholl, Patron

About Us

The club was started by Ian Kirkwood of Kirkmichael, who negotiated the lease of a part of Kindrogan Wood at Enochdhu, from Forest Entrprise in 1999. The gift of one archery target from a local supporter was installed in what is now the practise area. Alan Finch became the first club secretary and donated several more archery targets. Soon a small field archery course was born. In December 2002 a core of members formulated a club constitution.

The building of a field archery course was the principal goal of those involved at the start, so how to raise the required funds? Alan had a talk with the late Charlie Walker, organiser of outdoor events in Tayside including the Scottish Game Fair. As a result the new club agreed to create a stand at Scotland's Countryside Festival at Glamis Castle. This annual fundraising event continues to provide members with amusement and resources for improvements at course.

Strathardle saw much of the bow and arrow well into the 17th century. The Cam Ruadh was the area's most famous archer of the period and is reputed to have felled numerous cattle raiders just by the course entrance at Enochdhu.

Our Field Archery Club

A large area of forest is leased by the Club and is home to our challenging 16 target Field Archery Course. The course has been meticulously designed to retain the natural feel of a simulated hunt. Each target will challenge, delight and stimulate the discerning archer.

Practice shooting is also available in this idyllic woodland setting. Prospective members are invited to apply and become a part of this exciting outdoor pursuit.

If you would like to visit Strathardle and make use of our facilities, please confer with us by email and we will endeavour to help.


Field Archery is a captivating year-round outdoor sport for the whole family. We have a 36 target Field Archery course (including 3-Ds) deep in a Highland Perthshire forest. Our club is located at Enochdhu, 15 minutes drive east of Pitlochry on the A924, 30 minutes north of Blairgowrie. Strathardle was once known as 'The Glen of the Brown Boar', hence our distinctive emblem. We also enjoy Clout shooting (historical military archery).

Strathardle Archers Adult Membership

Annual fee only £10.00
Adult membership is available to those aged sixteen or over.

Strathardle Archers Family Membership

Annual fee only £20.00
Family membership is available. Members under the age of sixteen shall be family members and shall be accompanied on the course by an adult member.
Click here for special guidance for parents.

Strathardle Archers Joining Fee

Current fee £20.00
A one-off fee per adult or family to join.

Important Insurance Note: For the purpose of insurance, members may only shoot unaccompanied on the course once judged safe by the Safety Officer. Until then you must be accompanied by a member already 'judged safe'.


You are welcome to join us. Please contact us to make arrangements to visit the course. We meet on Sundays. You can rent equipment and we can provide an introduction to the sport for a nominal fee. Membership is inexpensive, so now is the time to get involved in an absorbing, healthy outdoor pursuit. We welcome archers shooting all kinds of equipment from primitive to high-tech.